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Corrupted PSD File

Before we begin discussing methods of recovering a corrupted file, let start with prevention. The first basic rule to remember is: Save and Save to a NEW name often. Simply saving is not enough. Use the "Save As..." command. In many cases the Photoshop "temporary" file will still be on your hard drive, and you can recover a .temp version of last SAVED version should something happen during the save. I would also suggest to implement a version control process. For instance, name the first file "photo_v1.psd" ... then ... "photo_v2.psd ... etc. By following this process you also can revert to an older version not only to recover a corrupted file but you may also simply not be happy with the current version and want to revert to an earlier copy and continue from there.

The second tip is never to save directly to flash media. SAVE the file within Photoshop to the computer hard drive, THEN (outside
of Photoshop), COPY the file to the Flash Media.

The third tip for real important images, simply burn a CD, or save to a more removable drive like any of the inexpensive pocket drives, or an iPod. This obvious tip is too often overlooked. We work tirelessly creating our works of art -- but do not protect our images. Creating a copy and storing the copy "OFFSITE" will not only protect your portfolio from computer crashes, but also from acts of god (fire, flood, etc.) and theft. I have a "RAID 2" external hard drive. I backup my files to multiple versions and copies. But none of this will help me if a am a victim of theft and my entire computer system is stolen.

There are a few hints below that might help when you do find yourself with a corrupted PSD file, they are:

1. Try opening your file in an older version of Photoshop;

2. Try opening your PSD file in another application that supports PSD files. If this works, re-save the file as a copy. I would avoid re-saving over a corrupt data file;

3. Try to determine if the problem if your computer is causing problems by attempting to open your PSD file on a separate computer;

4. Try deleting your Photoshop preferences; and

5. Try deleting all of your temporary files.


I welcome you to post your comments and additional suggestions regarding reviving a corrupted PSD file.

-- Dan Kosmayer

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